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July 18, 2021

What a friend we have in Jesus

Speaker: Ted Detiveaux Series: Hymns of Summer Topic: Relationship With God Scripture: John 15:14–:17

April 11, 2021

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Speaker: Ted Detiveaux Series: Holy Spirit Topic: Holy Spirit Scripture: John 14:15–:26

August 30, 2020

You Must Be Born Again

Speaker: Ted Detiveaux Series: Make War Topic: Salvation Scripture: John 3:3–:6

November 17, 2019

Be Merciful

Speaker: Ted Detiveaux Series: Be Attitudes Topic: Mercy Scripture: Mark 14:27–:31, Mark 14:66–:71, John 21:15–:17

September 29, 2019

Listen to the Coach

Speaker: Tara Detiveaux Series: Get In The Game Topic: Hearing God's voice Scripture: John 10:1–:6

June 2, 2019

Can You Hear Me Now

Speaker: Ted Detiveaux Series: Examine Your Face Topic: Hearing God's voice Scripture: John 10:22–:28

April 7, 2019

An Encounter with Jesus gets the Party Started

Speaker: Tara Detiveaux Series: Encountering Christ Topic: Life Scripture: John 2:1–:12

March 24, 2019

Jesus wants a lasting encounter

Speaker: Tara Detiveaux Series: Encountering Christ Topic: Encountering Jesus Scripture: John 1:35–:51

October 28, 2018

You Are Supernatural

Speaker: Karim Mestar Series: The Power of God's Names Topic: Kingdom Power Scripture: John 1:1–:13

July 22, 2018

Resurrection Love

Speaker: Jeremy Smith Topic: God's Love Scripture: John 11:1–:44

July 8, 2018

A Call to Worship

Speaker: Noris Chappel Topic: Worship Scripture: John 4:21–:24, Mark 5:1–:29

June 18, 2017

Plug In

Speaker: Ted Detiveaux Series: Power Topic: God's Power In Us Scripture: Acts 1:8, John 14:12–:17