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Oh When the Saints Walk in Unity

The Saints are 1-4 and we THINK WE KNOW WHY...UNITY!! Have you seen Sean Payton and Rob Ryan's relationship? The constant degrading on and off the field. And what about the dysfunction and disunity withing Tom Benson's family. The enemy (not the Patriots are Seahawks) the devil, loves disunity. Think about it. It started between him and God and now he tries to carry ...

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Oh When the Saints are Faithful

Faithfulness. This is not a word that is practiced too much today but definitely was practiced in the New Testament church. You don't have to be great, just faithful. Today we encourage you the believer to be faithful to what God has called you to and watch God work in and through your life....

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Oh When the Saints are Generous

Generous. We love when people are generous with us. Generous with their money. Generous with their time. Generous with their forgiveness and grace. God has called the Saints to be the same, generous. Let's let go of the tight fist we have around our money and time and be known as a people who are generous with all that God has given. ...

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Oh When the Saints Fast and Pray

We love the Saints!! And in spite of last week's game we are still rooting and cheering for that black and gold. But more than we love those New Orleans Saints, God LOVES the Saints of God and he has issued us a call to action. It's time. Don't just sit on the sidelines, let's get in the action of the game and become all that God has intended the church to be....

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Acting With Tenacity

Wow!! What a great series as we learned of how we are set apart and called to do great things for God. We encourage you to walk in the Anointing that God has given, live Pure and Holy lives, be Accountable in your friendships, find that SecRet place, and be Tenacious. What a great example if the life of David. Let's do everything that God has called us to...

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Find That Secret Place

As we study the life of King David we see that he was anointed, pure, and accountable but he also had a Secret Place. He found it as shepherd boy but developed this place all the years of his life. His Secret Place was under the Shadow of the Almighty. What about you? Have you developed a secret place that moves past church attendance and an occasional reading of the B...

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Purity With A Purpose

We are Set Apart. The bible is clear that we are a chosen people but also that we are called to be separate. We are not to look like the world, we are to look like Jesus. Today we find David facing an inner battle of purity. Though God has chosen him, the enemy was still plotting to destroy his life and testimony. Today we pray that you chose purity with a purpose. L...

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God Chose Me

Hope Community is currently taking part in a new series called "We Are Set Apart." The bible is clear that we are a chosen people but also that we are called to be separate. We are not to look like the world, we are to look like Jesus. In the next five weeks we will be studying what that looks like and also encouraging each of you to take part in the "Set Apart" challen...

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Go Therefore and Make Disciples

We have commandments but we also have a commission. It's our assignment. It's why we are still here. Join us today in following the last lesson that Jesus taught while still on this earth. Go therefore and make disciples....

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Take the Sword

Ephesians 6:10-16 If we had fought the devil more in the world, he might never have been able to invade the church so terribly as he has done. Attack with the sword, for it is your calling, and thus will you best defend yourself. Charles Spurgeon ...

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